Outfitter 800

Outfitter 800

The Coleman UT800 comes factory loaded with all the features you need whether you’re out working or riding trails.

*No one under the age of 16 should operate this UTV

Powerful and durable 800cc liquid cooled, V-Twin 4 stroke provides the power to haul loads and revs to move fast.

  • EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection allows for more reliability and direct drive power.
  • CVT Transmission with forward & reverse. Push button 4WD has limited slip and complete differential lock modes to help get you in and out of any situation.
  • Double Wishbone suspension at every corner provides maximum comfort and handling prowess.
  • Ultimate stopping power from the hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Outfitted with: Aluminum wheels, tow hitch and a 3,500 lbs electronic winch.

Delivery & Safety Checklist

Owners Manual